Friday, July 25, 2014

A Box, Indied - This Ring Toss Is RIGGED

The third polish of the july "A Box, Indied" is Dollish Polish This Ring Toss Is RIGGED!

I've seen my fellow swiss blogger Polished Marvels wearing this one over black, and it looked gorgeous! Inspired by her, I wanted to wear it over a dark color, too, without copying her directly, so I chose a dark grey. Essence Moonless Night (Dark Romance LE) is a slightly blue toned anthracite grey that dries to a matte finish (Essence calls this finish "suede", but it's not textured). I used two coats for opacity. If you own this one, better double up on basecoat, this one's a stainer!


Then I dabbed on one coat of This Ring Toss Is RIGGED!, a clear based glitter topper with hexes, squares, dots and donut glitter (my first polish with this form of glitter) in yellow, blue, white and red.

The big donuts where a little stubborn, it took some fishing to get them out of the bottle. One coat of KBShimmer clearly on top provided a smooth finish.


Dollish Polish are available at their store, at Llarowe and at Overall Beauty. This Ring Toss Is RIGGED! was exclusive to the july "A Box, Indied". The box with five polishes is available at Llarowe as a one month only box or as subscription (50$ per box).


  1. Thank you love for your sweet shout-out!!!! Oh I love the base color you choose - beautiful contrast. Glad I was not the only one fiddling with renitent doughnuts - haha but that glitter is so worth every minute we spend chasing them - en churze und schöne Frytig Liebs <3

    1. The shout-out was absolutely necessary, without you, I'd have layered it over a green or blue, instead of this lovely dark grey ;-)

  2. Dark Romance looks niiiiiiice! What an interesting shade. Not sure that the top coat is for me though. I guess I prefer more run of the mill top coats.

    1. I knew this topper would be too chunky for you ;-)
      While I really love the color of the Essence polish, I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it again, the staining is pretty annoying...


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