Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today I have another gorgeous GlimmerbyErica polish for you.

As base color, I used three coats of Essence Blues Of Being Cool (Class of 2013 LE), a purple toned muted blue. On my ringfinger I used three coats of Catrice It's All I Can Blue, slightly purple toned as well, but not at all muted, but very vibrant.

Next, I added one coat of GlimmyerbyErica Spectral (Fall Collection), "a stunning blend of blue, purple, silver, burgundy, and garnet glitters. I was thinking about ghosts and other mysterious things and came up with this polish. It's meant to convey a feeling of deep mysteries and supernatural beauty."
(source: GlimmerbyErica Etsy shop).

The glitter comes in two sizes and is very dense, so application is easiest with dabbing instead of wiping.

The bubbles you see are in my topcoat combo (one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness and one coat of Essie Good to Go), not in Spectral. IRL they were only visible if you looked real hard.

Spectral, along with many other gorgeous polishes, is available at the GlimmerbyErica Etsy shop.

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