Friday, May 9, 2014

Lights Will Guide You


It's time to show you another bottle of Cadillacquer :-)


Lights Will Guide You has a dark fir green jelly base with green flakie shimmer (I think they're duochrome, in some angles the glitter flakies look purple) and copper hex glitter in three sizes. Application was a breeze, three thin coats plus one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer for perfection.

Cadillacquer polishes are available on  Big Cartel, at Llarowe and at Harlow & Co.
I bought mine at the Big Cartel shop, of course, so the polishes could stay in the country insted of crossing the Atlantic twice... :-)

Lights Will Guide You was part of the 2013 Christmas collection, so sadly, it's no longer available. But Cadillacquer's creator Madeleine has since whipped up lots of other gorgeous polishes, so I'm sure you'll find something you like.


  1. Gosh this is beautiful!!! Wasn't it one of the two Christmas releases? (Yep more untrieds :-S). Of course I order Cadillacquer from the Bigcartel site too ;-) <3

    1. It would be pretty stupid for us not to order directly with Madeleine ;-)
      Yes, this was one of the Christmas releases, gorgeous polishes <3

  2. Danke, jetzt hab ich Fix You im Ohr :D

    1. Ich musste doch tatsächlich googlen, um herauszufinden, was du meinst ;-)
      Da sieht man, dass ich nie nie nie Radio höre und mich daher in der aktuellen Musikszene überhaupt nicht auskenne :-p


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