Friday, May 30, 2014

Black Lace Elderberry

Today's polish is Pahlish Black Lace Elderberry.

Black Lace Elderberry has a plum leaning purple jelly base (the bottle shots show it a little too blue-toned, the mani pictures are more color accurate) with reddish copper hexes and flakie glitter. Some of the bigger hexes are holographic,that's the ones that look orange in my pictures. Black Lace Elderberry seems very sheer at first, but it builds up nicely. Pictures show three coats plus one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

 Pahlish polishes are available on Bigcartel, at Overall Beauty and at Llarowe. I bought mine at the Bigcartel shop.


  1. Aglaya, from all nail polish blogs out there you are definitely my favorite one for unique and original nail polish finds! Seriously, where do you keep finding these amazing little gems?

    1. I had to show this comment to my boyfriend, you made me extremely happy and proud with it <3

      A lot of my picks I've seen on other blogs before (I read a lot of them), some I've just found browsing my favorite brands/stores. Pahlish is one of my favorite brands, you just can't do anything wrong if you buy there :-)

  2. Geile Kombi so leicht orange mit lila. Nice.

    1. Ich selbst wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen, die beiden Farben zu kombinieren, aber das Resultat gefällt mir auch sehr gut :-)


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