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Book Review - "Bridget Jones - Mad About The Boy"

Today's post is a book review. For those of you who are not interested in books, don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow with more nail polish :-)

Mad About the Boy

Through Blogg Dein Buch and Random House I got the oportunity to read the latest "Bridget Jones" book by Helen Fielding, "Mad About the Boy". Thank you so much!


"Is it morally wrong to have a blow-dry when one of your children has head lice?

Is technology now the fifth element? Or is that wood?

Is sleeping with someone after 2 dates and 6 weeks of texting the same as getting married after 2 meetings and 6 months of letter writing in Jane Austen's day?

Pondering these, and other modern dilemmas, Bridget Jones stumbles through the challenges of single-motherhood, tweeting, texting and redisovering her sexuality in what SOME people rudely and outdatedly call 'middle age'.

The long-awaited return of a much-loved character, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy is timely, tender, touching, witty, wise and bloody hilarious."
(Source: Random House)


Bridget Jones has gotten older and lives her life as a single mother, always looking for love and trying to avoid complete nervous breakdown.

I haven‘t read any oft the previous Bridget Jones Books, but as a girl, of course I’ve seen both movies. Over and over. And then some more. So I already knew what Bridget Jones is all about. Still, at first I was a little confused about the writing style, but then I remembered that there had to be a reason why it’s called Bridget Jones‘ Diary, of course it has to be written like a diary. And now I realise how accurate the movies were made, with Bridget’s (Renée Zellweger) off-voice using the exact same "phrases in note form" as the books use.

Since I was already familiar with Bridget, Daniel Cleaver ( I always saw Hugh Grant’s blue eyes while reading about Daniel), her friends and family, I was able to dive right into the story, waiting for Bridget to drop as many bricks as possible (as she always does), have several nervous breakdowns and find  love (at least temporary). „Mad About the Boy“ doesn’t bring any big surprises storywise (but then, I didn’t expect any), but serves you with a couple of hours of pleasant entertainment and a couple of loud laughs.

Apparently, a lot of people did like the previous books much better than "Mad About the Boy". As I mentioned, I haven't read the others and can't say anything about them, but I did like this one.  If you love Bridget Jones, you think you can’t do anything wrong with buying/reading this (even if there are some people who were disapointed with "Mad About the Boy" despite of being Bridget Jones fans), if you hate her (I’m sure there must be some gals on this planet who can’t stand Bridget), well then don’t. I really enjoyed reading it and probably will get the other Bridget Jones books, too.

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  1. Ich möchte alle Bücher der Reihe sehr gern noch lesen!

    1. Wenn du die Filme mags, wirst du die Bücher sicher auch toll finden (sagt die, die erst eines davon gelesen hat. Aber die zwei ersten sollen ja (noch) besser sein, daher erlaube ich mir einfach Mal, eine Globalempfehlung auszusprechen) :-)


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