Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lacke in Farbe und bunt - beige

Lacke in Farbe und bunt is a weekly nail polish challenge by Lenas Sofa and Das Jahreszeitenhaus. Each week they have a new color scheme, and this week's color is beige.

My beige polish is China Glaze Fast Track, a beige (duh) polish with strong golden fleck shimmer. I've already shown this one, but this was pretty much exactly four years ago (on november 16th, 2013), so I thought it was time to wear it again. I used three coats.

On top of Fast Track, I layered Penélope Luz Bastet,a topper with brown microglitters and multicolored hexes in a slightly brown tinted base. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top provided a smooth finish.

Penélope Luz polishes are available at Norway Nails and at Mei Mei's Signatures, where I bought it.

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