Saturday, June 13, 2015

Reminisce AND Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Qgirl-016

 Happy Saturday to all of you! I hope the weather were you are is at nice as it is here.

For this mani I used ILNP Reminisce, one of their Ultra Chromes of the spring 2014 collection. 

"Reminisce shifts from hues of stunning greens to refreshingly cool blues (you may even catch subtle hints of gold occasionally) depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under."
(Source: ILNP)

I used three coats and added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

For the stamping I used P2 Eternal und Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Qgirl-016 (Born Pretty Store sent me this plate for feviewung purposes, thank you very much!). The stamping plate comes with a blue protection foil that has to be removed before you use it. All the patterns seem be be engraved in the right depth to work well. Until now I only used the top right pattern. With this thin lines, picking up the color didn't work perfectly every time, but these fine pattern always are the hardest ones to get a clean stamping of them. Over the stamping, I added another coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

ILoveNailpolish are available on Etsy and at their own shop.

For more nail art items, check out Born Pretty Store (use the code below for a 10% discount)

The stamping plate was offered for reviewing purposes. Again, thank you very much, Born Pretty Store!


  1. I literally said "holy shit that's gorgeous!'' to myself when I saw the first picture! Beautiful.

    1. I'm really happy with this polish, too :-)


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