Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Box, Indied - Stormy Seas AND Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Today's polish of the june "A Box, Indied" is Colors By Llarowe Stormy Seas.

Stormy Seas is a cerulean blue polish with pink and blue shimmer particles. I used three coats for the pictures. The water decals I used were provided by Born Pretty Store for reviewing purposes, thank you very much! I just cut the decals to the size I needed, removed the clear protective foil and put them into warm water for about 30 seconds, until they slid easily off the transfer paper. The decals are pretty thin, but if you wet your fingernails, you can slide them around without tearing them (the wet nails part is important, if you try it with dry nails, you probably will tear them). No hassle with application to report. After patting my nails dry with a paper towel I added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top to secure the decals. If you cut your pieces too big, don't worry, you can clean up with nail polish remover or acetone just like regular nail polish.

Colors By Llarowe are available at Llarowe and at Harlow & Co. Stormy Seas is exclusive to the june "A Box, Indied". The box with five polishes is available at Llarowe as a one month only box or as subscription (50$ per box).

For more nail art items, check out Born Pretty Store (use the code below for a 10% discount)

The water decals were offered for reviewing purposes. Again, thank you very much, Born Pretty Store!


  1. Love the blue and orange together, very vibrant. The butterflies are really cute.

    1. I'm glad you like it, I wasn't really sure about the color combo...


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