Saturday, April 5, 2014

Silver Savita

For today, I have a new stamped mani to show you.

As base I used three thin coats of Zoya Savita, a medium to dark purple polish with pink shimmer, that dries to a satin matte finish. As always, the color is just a tad less blue than my pictures show. I had no issues with application, due to the short drying time, three coats were no problem.

Then I used Pueen plate 73 (of the "stamping buffet") and Barry M. Silver Foil to add this baroque pattern. No topcoat, as I didn't want to destroy the matte finish.


  1. 😍 love the Mani - soo pretty! And I think Glossy would have taken a lot away from it - good decision to let it be matte 👏

  2. Love everything, the base, the colors and the stamps :)

  3. Der matte Lack sieht genial aus.

    1. Mir gefÀllt er auch sehr gut. Wenn du matte Lacke magst, schau doch mal hier rein:
      Ich habe die Marke selbst noch nicht ausprobiert, aber ich habe schon viel Gutes darĂŒber gelesen.

  4. Thank you so much, Tracy! I love this one, too <3


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