Tuesday, March 10, 2015

52 Week Challenge - Kids TV / Non US Brand

Another week has come, so it's time for the next challenge themes: Kids TV and non US Brand

The non US brand I chose is Catrice (from Germany), a brand I frequently use, as you probably know. The polish's name is Holo In One (Holomania Limited Edition), a turquoise holo. I used two coats for the pictures.

For the stamping I used My Online Shop stamping plate MJIX and black stamping polishes. I call the stamped pattern Teletubbies, but honestly, I think they might be Monchhichi (does anyone remember them?). But since there was also a Monchhichi TV series in the 80s (at least according to Wikipedia), I guess it doesn't really matter, which one it is...


  1. Aw, hee hee, how cute :-)

  2. Yes it's really more of Monchchichi than Teletubbie for me. And it's cute :-)

    1. A Teletubby needs an antenna, so Monchchichi it is ;-)
      Thank you hon <3


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