Friday, August 8, 2014

My Little Glacier Holo

Today I have another one of the ILNP multichromes to show you: My Little Glacier (holo version).
Check out the non-holo version here.

The multichrome effect of My Little Glacier is more subtle than it was in the non-holo version. It shifts from steel grey over turquoise to a navy blue. I added some triangles/chevrons with Essie Blue Rhapsody and a nail art brush for a sublte accent. One coat of a England The Shield finished this mani.

direct lamp light

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  1. I guess is the first time I see a duo chrome that is also holo! amazing and complex shade, I love the chevron it really suits this nail polish anything else would have been too much.

    1. You've never seen duochrome/multichrome holos before? What about these: ;-)

  2. Zum Glück fallen die Dreieckchen nicht so auf. Gefällt mir ohne sie wesentlich besser, einfach eine tolle Grundfarbe, die prima für sich selbst steht.

    1. In meinem Kopf sahen die Dreiecke auch deutlich besser aus... ;-)


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