Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Box, Indied - You've Been HAZED

The fifth and last polish of the august "A Box, Indied" is Glisten & Glow You've Been HAZED. It's my first polish by this brand.

You've Been HAZED is a sky blue holo with slight grey undertones. The pictures show three thin coats. No issues with application to report.

Direct lamp light

For the roses I used ILoveNailPolish Summer Stargazing, a royal blue holo, and Pueen plate 22. One coat of aEngland The Shield protected the stamping and gave some extra shine.

Glisten & Glow polishes are available at their own store, Llarowe, Color4Nails, Rainbow Connection and Overall Beauty. You've Been HAZED was exclusive to the august "A Box, Indied". The box is available at Llarowe as one-month-only or as subscription ($50 per box).

ILoveNailpolish are available on Etsy and at their own shop.   


  1. I need to expand my compliment-giving vocab because I seriously don't know what to say anymore and I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself here... :-) So for lack of better words: lovely!

    1. I don't mind if you repeat the same words over and over again, since your comments always make me smile and blush :-)

  2. You really made this polish work!!! I think this is a perfect combination and beautiful stamping!!!


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