Monday, September 2, 2013

Never Too Old

Today's mani is a little more low-key than what I usually wear. I thought about adding a glitter topper, but in the end I liked it how it was :-)

Rebecca, the creator of Aphrodite Lacquers, describes this polish, Never Too Old, as "black matte finish, with silver and fuchsia shimmer". The shimmer is very visible, and intrestingly, the silver shimmer looks teal once topcoat is added. The black jelly base is pretty sheer, so I layered two coats over a black creme (a England Camelot). Application was very easy, no issues to report, but Never Too Old dries a little slowly.

I wanted to show the shimmer even more, so I added some shine with one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer.


 The Aphrodite Lacquers shop on Etsy is closed right now until further notice, but I hope Rebecca will be back soon.


  1. You call that low key? It looks like a freakin' galaxy from up close, I love it :-D It has so much dimension.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! And yes, I call it low key, compared to the "bling bling" I'm usually wearing :-D

  2. Stunning!!! I am sure you knew I would love this!!!! And I haven't any Aphrodite Lacquers - I might need to change this????

    1. At the moment it sadly is impossible to get Aphrodite Lacquers, as the shop is closed. I hope this will change some day, I hate it when indie brands I love "give up" :-/


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