Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Some work-wear for today.

This is CrowsToes Milquetoast ( spring THIS Collection), a milky white base filled with copper hexes in various sizes plus golden holographic microglitter. I used three coats for this squishy look and finished with one coat of Essence Better Than Gel  Nails Top Sealer. Appliaction was easy, I had no issues with the formula.

Crows Toes polishes are available at Llarowe and Overall Beauty.


  1. Der gefällt mir sehr gut. Schön dezent.

    1. Zwischendurch mag ich es dezent. Ich muss nicht 365 Tage pro Jahr mit blauen/grünen/violetten Nägeln rumlaufen, 350 Tage reichen auch ;-)

  2. Just beautiful - I might have to reconsider my initial thoughts (they went like: no, not another milky white based glitter) - beautiful on you!!!!


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