Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easy As Pie

Cadillacquer today: Easy As Pie

"Easy As Pie has a purple base with small white glitter, different purple glitter and fuchsia dots."
(Source: Cadillacquer)

The purple base is a little muted, so Easy As Pie looks pretty elegant. I used three easy coats and had no issues with application. I finished with one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer.

Cadillacquer polishes are available on Etsy (and they're swiss, just to mention it again ;-)   )

Today I'm leaving for Germany to visit a Sci-Fi convention. I've scheduled some posts, so you'll still have something to look at, but I won't be able to answer to your comments until next week.


  1. Hi Aglaya, I love this polish, it's so girly!
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Thank you, Nati, I'm sure I will!

    I'm usually not the girly type, but sometimes I enjoy to show my girl side ;-)

  3. Schweizer Indie Lacke! Bin beeindruckt :) Mal schauen ob ich für mich auch was finde.

    1. Die Auswahl ist ziemlich gross, ich bin sicher, da ist auch für dich etwas dabei.

  4. Genauso niedlich wie die grüne Kombi :)

    1. Niedlich trifft es gut, so richtig mädchenhaft :-)


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