Saturday, February 16, 2013


Darling Diva Polish is today's indie brand.

I started with three coats of Zoya Envy, a very dark, almost black, slightly yellow-toned green creme.A nice color, but it stains (that's how I found out that it's yellow-toned. It leaves yellow stains)!

On my ring finger I'm wearing three coats of NYX Girls Hunter Green, a dark, slightly teal-leaning green creme.

In real life, the difference between these two polishes was a little more obvious.

Then I added one coat of Darling Diva Polish Pendragon.

"This polish is full of green, brown, copper, and gold hex and micro glitters. There are also some larger black hexes that have a chroma shade backing. So depending how you lay it you might get black or blue or purple. Its all good:) I also added a good helping of gold holo powder."
(Source: Darling Diva Polish Esty shop)

There are also chartreuse hexes and squares in it, along with small green hexes.

The base is pretty thick and the glitters tend to stick together, so I had some issues spreading the glitters (as you can see on my ring finger). I'll probably use some thinner before I use it again.

Darling Diva Polish are available on Etsy, but Pendragon seems to be discontinued.


  1. Such a glitzy glitter and some great combinations as base color. I like those glitters dabbed either at the base or the tips as well, it makes them for me also office wearable. Very pretty on you :-)


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