Friday, June 6, 2014

Vortex Remnants

Today's polish is Femme Fatale Vortex Remnants.

 "A strong berry toned purple base (jelly) filled with various purple hexes, red flashes, red diamonds and purple stars."
(Souce: Femme Fatale)

The purple stars are holographic and give the polish an extra sparkle.

I used three coats for opacity and had no bigger issues with application. I'd recommend giving the bottle a good shake, as the glitters tend to clump if you don't. Due to the vast amount of glitter, Vortex Remnants dries very gritty, I used two thick coats of Essence better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer and it still wasn't completely smooth. If you want a glassy finish, be prepared to use at least three layers of topcoat.

Femme Fatale polishes are available at their shop (new with international shipping), Harlow & Co. , Norway Nails  and Color4Nails


  1. Gosh what a glitterbomb - beautiful :-)

    1. Thank you hon! Sadly, it's not only a glitterbomb, but also a "gritterbomb", it's so gritty, it's no fun to wear it :-/


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