Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer's Midnight

Today's the longest day of the year (at least here in the northern hemisphere) so I have a matching polish to show you: Hare Polish Midsummer's Midnight.

Midsummer's Midnight has a black jelly base filled with fuchsia, purple and green hexes in various sizes plus purple and blue squares.

Application was a breeze, I layered one coat over a black creme (as always, Manhattan 1010N) and had a great glitter payoff. Midsummer's Midnight dried pretty smooth, I added one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for a glassy finish.

Hare polishes are available on Etsy or at Llarowe.


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I only have two Hare polishes but I want just about all of them, including this one now.

    1. I'm glad you like it. I've got "a couple" of Hare polishes, maybe 15 or so, and I love them all :-)

  2. Hare does such lovely color combinations!! I've got a couple of them but I'm definitely wanting more!

  3. I love Hare Polish. They are all so gorgeous, and this is especially lovely!


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