Monday, January 6, 2014

Particular Yoshi

A new week starts. The first full week at work after two weeks with only two office days (or just one, if you were home sick like me)...

My base color for today's mani is Chanel Particulière, a brownish taupe creme (yes, I dare using a Chanel polish as base color for glitters). Particulière became an instant classic when it was released in spring 2010 and I'm sure pretty much every brand released some kind of dupe (or at least a similar color) since. Application was easy, I used two coats and had no issues (I used no topcoat, that's how shiny it really dries).

On top of Particulière, I dabbed one coat of Dollish Polish Dino-mite Yoshi (Super Mario Collection). "This Dynamic dinosaur is a fantastic, jumper, eater of some good and some questionable things, and an all around helper and a loyal friend to Mario. Matte glitters in pastel Green, bright Green, Red, Orange & White all in a clear base make up this dino-riffic shade!"
(Souce: Dollish Polish)

I had no issues with application and added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top for a smooth finish.

Dollish Polish are available at their store, at Llarowe and at Overall Beauty. Dino-mite Yoshi is discontinued, but if you're lucky, you can still grab one of the last bottles at the clearance section of the Dollish Polish shop.


  1. As usual beautiful combination!!! The greens, red, oranges play so pretty on Particulière!!! En guete Wuchestart - i ha no 2 Tag Schonfrist - i fang erst am Mittwuch wieder a ;- P

    1. Schöggeler :-P I darf zwar nid viu säge, bügle schiesslech imne katholische Kanton mit hufe Fiirtige ;-)

  2. Uuuh, weihnachtlich.Erinnert mich vom Farbschema an das Dorf aus dem Grinchfilm.

    1. An Weihnachten habe ich dabei gar nicht gedacht, aber jetzt wo du's erwähnst, sehe ich es auch :-)


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