Thursday, January 23, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Day 3 - Blue

The third theme of the Golden Oldie Tursday Challenge is my favorite color: blue.

I started with three coats of NYX Manhattan, a very dark, slightly purple leaning blue with an intense blue, pink and purple shimmer (if you're very strict you could argue this polish wasn't blue but blurple, but hey: my blog, my rules, and I say it's blue ;-)  ).

Then I used Emily de Molly stamping plate EDM05 and China Glaze Awaken, a slighty blue and purple toned steel grey metallic, to add a flower pattern. One coat of Rica Glossy Glam finished this mani.

As always, all the other participants below.


  1. Now it is my turn to say: you just knew that I would love this, right? Very classy and beautiful stamping!!! <3

    1. With our similar taste, we'll always love the same polishes / manis :-)

  2. Ui, so ein tolles dunkles Blau gefällt mir richtig gut!

    1. Vielen Dank, ich steh' auch sehr ganz dunkle Blautöne :-)


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