Friday, February 5, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Aqua or Turquoise

Aqua or turquoise is this week's color scheme, and my personal pattern prompt for this challenge mani is Patchwork.

My base color is Colors by Llarowe Alternate Universe, a turquoise foil polish with an intense golden shimmer. The stamping plates I used are Bundle Monster BM-16 and BM-21, from their very first stamping set. The patterns usually are too small for my nails, but since I didn't want to cover the full nail anyway, they worked just fine for this mani. The Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper I showed you last week was a big help with placing the stampings. The white polish is Essie Blanc, the blue is Exurbe Two Minutes To Midnight. I separated the "patches" with Catrice Nautica (Cruise Couture Limited Edtition) and a striping brush. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top finished this mani.

Colors By Llarowe are available at Llarowe and at Harlow & Co.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Incense Burner

I was already moaning severeal times about the weather here in Switzerland, and here's a mani that fits the autumnial feeling the warm temperatures give me...

My base color Incense Burner by a England is described as "Velvety, mysterious and hypnotic dark plum with the chromatic diversity of brown, green, mauve reflections of an antique bronze vessel" (Source: a England). It looks mostly brown in my pictures, but irl it's definitely plum. I used three coats for opacity.

For the stamping I used Barry M. Gold Foil and Uberchic Beauty Plate 1-01. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top finished this mani.

aEngland polishes are available at various places, you'll find a complete list of retailers here.

Monday, February 1, 2016

'Twas The Night

`Twas The Night (or morning or whenever you're reading this post) when I was showing you this gorgeous royal blue glitter polish by Glimmer by Erica...


"Twas The Night before Christmas....a sapphire blue jelly base with iridescent glitters of different sizes and shapes, night blue holographic glitter, and holographic silver micro glitter." (Source: Glimmer by Erica) I used two coats for opacity and topped it with a generous coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

Glimmer by Erica polishes are available on Etsy.

Friday, January 29, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Films

Films are this weeks motto, and I went with one of my favorite movie trilogy: The Lord of the Rings (because I wanted to try out my brand new MoYou stamping plate).

I used an old (well ancient, it's at least 15 years old, maybe even 20, but it still applies like butter) L'Oréal polish with the fancy "name" 343. It's a simple gold metallic polish, opaque in two coats. The stamping plate with the awesome The One Ring inscription pattern is MoYou Geek Collection 05, my stamping polish my usual black P2 Eternal. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top finished this mani.

Another thing I want to show you is this clear jelly stamper Born Pretty Store sent me for reviewing purposes, thank you so much! What's special about this one is that it's see-through, so you can place the stamping exactly where you want without having to "work blind". The silicone stamping head is transparent, and the back of the holder is open, so you can see your nail while placing the stamping. The head has a diameter of 2.8cm and is removable for easy cleaning and replacement.

The head is quite squishy and somewhat sticky, but only slightly. I cleaned the head with some dish soap before using it. I don't now if it was necessary, but I can tell it was all the priming it needed, it picked up the color nicely, as you can see in my pictures. I recommend cleaning it with a lint roller and not acetone. I've read that acetone can destroy the head and I didn't want to risk it, but the lint roller cleaned it perfectly. Another thing to know: to pick up the pattern, you have to roll it over the plate, pressing it down doesn't work. So instead of pressing it to the plate and rolling it over the nail, as you might do with a hard stamping head, you roll it over the plate and press it on the nail. I've seen in a Youtube review that this stamper would only work with stamping polish and not with regular polish, but that's not true, my go-to black stamping polish is just a regular black creme polish, and I had no troubles with picking up the pattern.

You can get the clear jelly stamper in three different holder-colors (white, pink or lilac) for 2.99$, or the complete set with all three colors for 7.99. Each stamper comes with a plastic scraper.

For more nail art items, check out Born Pretty Store (use the code below for a 10% discount)

The stamper was offered for reviewing purposes. Again, thank you very much, Born Pretty Store!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blue Topaz Snowflakes

At the moment, winter seems to be already over here in Switzerland after just a few days. I'm not ready to let go yet, so the snowflakes are on my nails, when they don't want to show up in the sky...

My base color is KBShimmer Blue Topaz, of their new birthstone collection. Blue Topaz is a foil polish with light blue and silber foil paticles and small silver holographic glitters that are more visible in my pictures than they are irl. I used three coats for opacity.

The stamping plate I used is Uberchic Beauty Christmas 01, and I stamped with Exurbe Two Minutes To Midnight. One coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top finished this mani.

KBShimmer polishes are sold on their website (US only) and at Harlow & Co.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Tartan Squeeze with Born Pretty Store Water Decals

Today I want to show you some water decals Born Pretty Store sent me, thank you so much!

For this mani I applied three coats of Catrice Squeeze Me on my thumb, index and pinkie finger. Squeeze Me is a dark teal polish with golden shimmer.


On my middle and ring finger, I applied the water decals over a white base (two coats of Essie Blanc). The decals come in a single sheet without any pre-formed cutouts, so you have to cut them yourself. It's not too easy to get the right width, I cut mine a little too narrow, as you can see on my ring finger. The sheet is rather small (roughly 5x6cm), so if you're going for a full mani with these decals, you need quite narrow nails to cover them all. Application was easy, just soak the decal in warm water (remove the clear protection foil first), slide it from the white protection paper, apply it to the damp nail, pat it dry with some tissue and topcoat it. You can get these tartan water decals in 24 (!) different shades here for 1.87$.


For more nail art items, check out Born Pretty Store (use the code below for a 10% discount)

The water decals were offered for reviewing purposes. Again, thank you very much, Born Pretty Store!

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