Saturday, April 20, 2013

Enchanted Boot Camp

Something green for today. As you might guess, these pictures are pretty old, so it's a "from the vault" post :-)

I started with two coats of Catrice Virging Forest (Coolibri LE), a medium green with gorgeous shimmer. Not really forest-y in my opinion, but I like it.

Then I added two coats of Pretty & Polished Boot Camp (Discontinued).
"This polish was made to look like Boot Camp camo with black bars and hexes, brown hexes in two different sizes, green hexes, and green squares."
(Source: Pretty & Polished Etsy Shop).
The base is pretty sheer, so it's best layered, and has a nice shimmer.

On my ring finger I'm wearing two coats of Aprodite Lacquers Enchant (The Romance Novel Collection; Discontinued), described as "aqua jelly base, packed full of green micro glitter, and white glitter."
(Source: Aphrodite Lacquers Etsy shop)
I don't really see any aqua in the jelly base, I'd say it's green. There are not only white, but also green hexes, and the microglitter gives it a nice shimmer.

Both indie polishes are discontinued, but there are lots of other gorgeous polishes available at the Aphrodite Lacquers Etsy shop and the Pretty & Polished Etsy shop.


  1. Great combos :-)!!! And so well timed, there is such a vast range of Greens out there for spring!!!

    1. Oh I forgot, there was snow in many parts of Switzerland today - none in Basel though ;-P as if you would have asked for this particular info ;-)

    2. Hey, it's always interesting to see how much just a few kilometers distance can change. And I've got family in Basel (my two uncles and their family), so it's not like I have absolutely no connection to this city :-)


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