Friday, August 30, 2013

Spank You Very Much, Anna Maria

Today's mani shows one of my favourite colors: teal. As you probably know, I'm a huge lover of the blue family, all kinds of blue, teal and purple just amaze me. And as today's my birthday, I wanted to show you a color I truely love :-)

For this mani I started with three coats of Contrary Polish Anna Maria (The Islands Collection), a deep teal jelly with a greenish-golden shimmer. The shimmer wasn't too easy to capture on the pictures, but pretty obvious irl. The color is a little more blue leaning than my pictures show (you can see on my skin tone that the pictures turned out a little too yellow. Usually, my camera shows the polishes more blue, but this time it's all different. Huh.), the bottle shot is more color accurate. Application was easy, I had no issues with Anna Maria.

On my ring finger and thumb, as accent nails, I added one coat of Dollish Polish Spank You Very Much. Spank You Very Much is "inspired by one of Ace Ventura many brightly colored Hawaiian shirts. This glitter consists of ultra fine glitter in Teal and Green, accented with larger Teal hexagons and bright Purple glitters.This densely packed shade can be worn as a top coat, or on it's own."
(Source: Dollish Polish)

Application of Spank You Very Much was easy, no dabbing or fishing for glitters needed. As it dried pretty smoothly, I only added one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer for a glassy finish.

Contrary Polish are available at Llarowe and Shoppe Eclectico.

Dollish Polish are available at their store, at Llarowe and at Overall Beauty. Spank You Very Much is on sale right now at the Dollish Polish shop, so it's probably going to be retired. If you like it, you should get it now.


  1. Alles Gueti zum Geburi!!!! Ich wünsch Dir en wunderschöne Tag <3!!! Very Birthday appropriate!!! Both polishes are amazing and look aweome on you!!!

    1. Merci viu Mau <3

      I'm glad you think it's birthday appropriate, it's the same color scheme I'm wearing right now (you know wher to find pictures of my current mani ;-) )

  2. Happy birthday Aglaya!!!! Wish you all the best in your day.
    I love dark blue-green teals, they're my favourite for winter, I think they're so chic when my skin looks lighter. The combo with the glitter is just perfect!

    1. Thank you so much, Nati!
      My skin is snow-white alle year round, no waiting for winter to wear teals ;-) But it also means very light colors just don't look as good on me as they do on a tanned lady's hands. Well, can't win always...

  3. Haaaaappy birthday! Make it a good one! What a lovely mani this is :-)

    1. Thank you, Melissa! Well, the day will certainly improve in two hours, when I'm on my way home ;-)


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