Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Tavan

This mani has a little winter-y look, but I was wearing it when we had a temperature drop from about 35° C to 17° C, so it felt like winter then ;-)

My base color is Elevation Polish Tavan Bogd, a dusty lavender creme. Formula was excellent, a tad on the sheer side, I used three self levelling coats for opacity. Tavan Bogd is, by the way, the highest mountain in Mongolia (for those who are interested...)

Then I used Essence Hello Holo to add a gradient. Hello Holo has a clear base filled with small silver holo glitters. It's not a real holo topcoat, as the particles are too big to give a linear effect, but due to the size of the particles, the holo rainbow sparkle is visible even in low lamp light.

My camera was pretty much unable to cope with the rainbows, at least 90% of all the pictures I took were out of focus...
I finally added one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer for a smooth finish.

Elevation Polish are available at their own store and at Llarowe.


  1. Very elegant, I am SOOO into Elevation Polish as of late, your choice is lovely and and delicate. Guess what - I am having Elevation Polish on my nails right now - I have truly fallen for them - aaaaargh

    1. I totally feel with you, Elevation Polish caught my heart, too :-) But there are so many brands I love, I couldn't choose one single favorite.

    2. We suffer the same addiction here ;-) - I so know what you are talking about - LOL - schöne Wuchestart :-)

    3. Das wünschi dir o :-)
      Mänti + erst Tag nach de Ferie = bäh

  2. Das sieht echt toll aus mit dem Glitzer "von unten". Muss ich auch mal probieren.


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