Friday, August 16, 2013

Soldier Of Polish Fashion

Today's blog post title is playing with the word polish like "nail polish" and polish like "from Poland".

As base color I used OPI I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw (Euro Centrale Collection; Warsaw's the capital of Poland) a dark creme that looks almost navy, but is in fact teal (my camera swallowed a bit of the green part of the color, irl it's a little greener but not much). Application was easy, I used two coats for opacity. I'd recommend to apply rather cautiously, it's very pigmented and clean-up's a pain, as the deep color tends to smear everything. So it's easier if you don't have to clean up at all.

On top of Warsaw (don't feel like repeating the whole name here ;-) ), I added two coats of Oopsie Daises Soldier Of Fashion. "Representing in blue and yellow, Soldier of Fashion is inspired by NC from Planetside 2. This polish has yellow and multiple sizes of blue glitter, suspended in a rich blue jelly base."
(Source: Oopsie Daisies)

The jelly base of Soldier Of Fashion is not a true blue, but a little on the teal side with a noticable green undertone. It's very sheer, so I decided to layer it instead of wearing it on it's own (I probably would have used four coats). For a glassy finish I added one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. My bottle of Insta-Dri still doesn't like the heat, please excuse the excessive bubbling. 

Oopsie Daisies polishes, including Soldier Of Fashion, are available on Etsy.


  1. There you go again!! So beautiful! :D I really like Oopsie Daisies' stuff.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I've got a couple of Oopsie Daisies' and I love them all :-)

  2. I love your wordplay!!! As always funny and witty. And you sure show another drop dead gorgeous mani!!! Feeling like saluting here ;-)

    1. It's "just" a soldier, not an officer, so it has to salute to you, not the other way round ;-)

    2. LOL - now it is out there I have NOT THE SLIGHTEST CLUE when it comes to military ranks

    3. Well, soldier is just the lowest rank there is, everything else is higher (afaik you're already a soldier before you've even completely finished the RS) ;-)
      I think the americans call it "private" (like "saving private ryan")


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