Saturday, February 1, 2014


One more golden oldie for today, this time by a brand that don't even exists anymore: Million Lacquers

Nightkle has tons of small holographic glitters in a sheer black base.

I layered one coat of Nightkle over black (a England Camelot). On my ring finger and thumb I stamped some stars using Barry M Silver Foil and Bundle Monster plate BM-21. One coat of Rica Glossy Glam topcoat finished this mani.

As I mentioned, Million Lacquers don't exist anymore, so sadly, there's no way to get this polish anymore.


  1. What a beautiful polish - oh well that's the thing with Indies but I always like to see what's been around before I joined the bandwagon ;-) - love the stars too :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Christine. There are a lot of brands I like that I probably never will be able to lay my hands on. Nerd Laqcuer for example, as they never officially stopped producing after the comeback, but still there has been nothing to be heard for months now...

  2. Super schön, ich mag Glitzer in Schwarz.


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