Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jessica's Blue And Gold Nails

Today I have something new for you: I "hired" a guest blogger (well, I don't pay her, so you can't really call it hired, can you?). Meet Jessica, my real-life best friend!

I'm a good friend of Aglaya and as she started her blog I got hooked on Nail Polish. Before I would paint my nails perhaps 5 times a year… and the 4 polishes I got would become dry between the uses…

At first I just looked, because you know how it goes - me a working mom of 2 active boys should take the time to do something more than just the absolutely necessary? But this didn't last long :-)
Sometimes I send Aglaya some pics, if I think my nails look really good - and now she found I should write about them sometimes - cool right?

About this mani:

I used 2 coats of essence my fortune cookie, really tiny golden glitters and pretty sheer. 
Then I took striping tape to add some pattern - I wanted to try some, that's the reason no nail is exactly like the other. (I like the ring finger most - what about you?)
I now added a thick coat of Smalto per unghie No 10 (this italian brand has just numbers no names) a really beautiful royal blue and removed quickly the striping tape.


  1. Oh a guest post, how fun :-) Lovely nail art! The gold and blue look great together.

    1. After Jessica has been sending me pictures of her nail art several times now, I just had to offer her a platform to show it, as she really produces lovely manis :-)

  2. Great striping mani Jessica!!! I love that each nail is differently designed - my favs: ring and index!!!

    1. I have to tell her to read the comments, I don't know wether she's seen them :-)


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