Thursday, February 6, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Day 5 - Green

Green is the theme of the fifth round of the Golden Oldie Thursday.

For the "green week" I chose one of my favorite movie series: James Bond

As base color I used OPI Live And Let Die (Skyfall Collection), a very dark green with green and gold shimmer flecks that looks almost black in low light. The formula was perfect, I only used one coat.

With a gold metallic polish (China Glaze Passion, Romantique Collection) and Vivid Lacquer plate 007 (of course, there's no other number you could give a James Bond stamping plate) I added a picture of the famous "barrel shot" and the classic 007 gun symbol. One coat of Rica Glossy Glam topcoat finished this mani.

While Live And Let Die isn't my favorite Bond movie, it absolutely is my favorite Bond title song, but I prefer the Guns n' Roses cover version over the original Paul McCartney one.

And because I apparently didn't really think this mani through, a rare picture of my cinderella hand, where I didn't stamp the barrel shot "the wrong way" :-)


Have a look what all the other participlants created for today


  1. Wow, you totally nailed it this one (pun intended). Well, you always nail it, obviously, but this nail literally made me gasp :-)

    1. While you're gasping, I'm smiling happily :-) Thank you so much for your nice words, Melissa <3

  2. Wow as thorough as it can get, and I am with Melissa - absolutely beautiful!! <3

  3. Hehe, kuhle Idee mit dem Bond-Stamping :)

    1. Wenn ich schon Bond-Lacke und eine Bond-Schablone besitze, muss ich die ja einfach kombinieren :-)


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