Saturday, February 2, 2013


Today I have another Jindie Nails polish to show you: Swoon.

"Swoon is a cream/jelly ice pale blue base with large neon hex shaped glitter in orange, yellow, blue and green. There is an occasional neon purple hex or two in there as well :). It also has those rare round dot metallic glitter. "
(Source: Jinde Nails)

As Swoon is pretty sheer, I layered two coats over two coats of China Gaze Kinetic Candy (already shown here). I had to fish a little for the larger glitters and place them individually on the nails, but that's to be expected with glitters this size. I finished with two coats of Essie Good to Go.

Jindie Nails polishes are available on Etsy and at Llarowe.


  1. Ein supertoller Lack <3 Lässt mich an Sommer denken =)

    1. Jetzt wo du's sagst... Swimmingpool mit Wasserbällen drin ;-)

  2. Sehr geil. Die gelben Tupfen sehen aus wie Textmarker. Gefällt mir.

    1. Stimmt, das Gelb ist eine richtige Textmarkerfarbe, ist mir bisher noch gar nicht aufgefallen ;-)


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