Monday, February 11, 2013


Today I have another blue mani for you. I hope I'm not boring you with all these blues ;-)

I started with OPI Russian Navy, a navy blue (duh) polish with a gorgeous purple shimmer I was absolutely unable to capture with my purple-hating camera. The shimmer is really visible in the bottle, where it looks full on purple. But even on the nails it's clearly visible (I just can't prove it). After a couple of dissapointing formulas, this one is an OPI polish with great application. It's very opaque, almost a one coater. I used two, because... well, just because.

On top of Russian Navy I added Elixir Lacquers Elixiversary, a limited edition polish to celebrate the one year anniversary of Elixir Laqcuers. Elixiversary is " a limited edition clear coat glitter bomb that is loaded with multi-sized diamonds, squares, hexes, and dots in mattes, satins, holographics, and iridescents galore, and a spectrum of color that simply dazzles!!"
(Source: Elixir Lacquers)


 To be honest, I don't really know what to think of this polish. It's a true beauty, no doubt. But application was... let's say challenging. I dabbed one coat of Elixiversary over my base color, and had only a few glitters on my nails. It took quite some fishing for glitters to get a good amount of them on the nails, everything larger than the tiny iridescents, the small hexes and dots didn't come out willingly. When I had enought glitter on my nails, I also had a lot of the clear base on them, and the glitters started to slide to the sides of the nails (like you can see on my index finger). I really love the look of Elixiversary, but befor I use it again I'll have to think of a new application technique...

There will be two more restocks of Elixiversary, 50 bottles each, on february 16th and march 16th here.

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