Friday, November 30, 2012

Nebula and Constellation

I started with one coat of Manhattan 1010N, a black cream. I didn't take any pictures of this one because, well, I'd say everybody knows how a black creme looks like, right? Then I added one coat of Aphrodite Lacquers Constellation ("Outta This World" collection)  and as an accent nail, one coat of Aphrodite Lacquers Nebula ("Outta This World" collection) on my ring finger.

Constellation is desbribed as "Black polish (jellyish) with dark blue glitters and small color shifting glitter (shifts from yellow-green to a bluish-green)"
(Source: Aphrodite Lacquers Etsy shop)
In low light, the dark blue glitters almost vanish in the black base, you have to look really hard to see them.

Nebula is a "black polish (jellyish) with tiny sky blue shimmers, silver glitter, and sky blue glitter".
(Source: Aphrodite Lacquers Etsy shop)

The formula on both polishes was good, one coat was enough to get a good amount of glitter on the nails, no fishing or dabbing needed. But the black base is pretty sheer, so I decided to layer them over a black creme. If you want to wear them alone, I'd say it would take three to four coats to reach full opacity.

This picture is overexposed to reveal all the glitter

Constellation was a limited edition and is now discontinued, but Nebula is still available at the Aphrodite Lacquers Etsy shop.

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