Saturday, November 10, 2012

Falling for Skyfall and GoldenEye

As a huge James Bond fan, I simply had to buy a couple of the OPI Skyfall Collection polishes. A couple meaning three quarters of the collection... So today, I have GoldenEye and Skyfall to show you (and an indie glitterbomb, of course).

Skyfall is a maroon creme with a great formula. One coat is enough! But I don't feel really comfortable with just one coat of polish, so I used two, even if it wasn't necessary.

On my ring finger I'm wearing GoldenEye, a clear base with golden microglitter. As you can see, the gold tone on this one is very warm and yellowish. Because of the clear base, this polish is very sheer. I used three coats and still had a visible nail line. If you want to wear it alone, you should probably use four coats. But I'd recommend to be very careful with your application, clean-up's no fun due to the microglitter that sticks everywhere.

After that, I added one coat of Feenix Polish Falling For You, a clear polish with red, maroon, matte yellow, matte orange and golden hex glitter in different sizes and some maroon microglitters.

The formula on this one is better than the ones I showed you yesterday. It's still pretty thick, but not as goopy, and drying time was much better. No fishing needed, but I had to dab the polish on and place the glitter.

I really like this combo, but I'm not sure if it really shows fall like I intended. I think this red and gold combo looks more like Christmas than fall.

Feenix polishes, including Falling For You are available on Etsy.

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