Monday, February 8, 2016

Born Pretty Store Holographic Flower Vines Nail Art Transfer Foil

Today I want to show you a transfer foil mani. Born Pretty Store offered me the foil, thank you so much!

The directions on the Born Pretty Store website sounded quite easy: polish your nails (I chose the color matching Barry M Silver Foil), wait till the polish is not completely dry but still slightly sticky, put the foil on the nail, rub it, remove, add topcoat. In fact, it turned out a little more complicated. You have to catch quite the right moment. If the polish is too sticky, you'll lift if off with the foil (like it happened on my ring and index finger). If you wait too long, the pattern won't transfer. And adding a layer of fast drying topcoat to "freshen up the stickiness" won't work, it doesn't transfer to the topcoat. But in the end, I managed to get a halfway decent mani out of it. But I still have plenty of foil left to practice, you get 1m (that's right, full 100cm) of the foil, and I only used about 15cm of it, since it's wide enough to use it on two nails (4cm). BTW, it's called "holographic" but it's not, it's metallic, no holo effect to see.

You can get the foil with this flower/vine pattern here for 1.34$. There are a lot of other patterns, just search for "transfer sticker" on the Born Pretty Store website.

And this is how the foil looks after application.

For more nail art items, check out Born Pretty Store (use the code below for a 10% discount)

The transfer foil were offered for reviewing purposes. Again, thank you very much, Born Pretty Store!


  1. I just wish it looks smoother because the pattern is lovely.

  2. Oh shoot! The pattern is lovely. But since there's more, I'm sure you will get it right later. Happy polishing :)

  3. I'm so surprised you managed to make it work!! I've heard these only work with a special white nail polish, that you can also buy at BPS. It looks fairly nice considering what a pain in the a*s is to apply foils!!

  4. It does look a little like crinkled tin foil, right girls?!

    Nati, it probably only worked because I didn't know about this special polish ;-)


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