Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pahlish Mystery Shade

Today's polish is one of Pahlish's "Mystery Shades", a one-time-only batch that is produced in a very limited quantity and doesn't get a name. If you order them through the Pahlish Big Cartel shop, you don't know what you'll get, so even the look of the polish is a mystery, until you open the box :-)

This mystery polish has a stone grey crelly base with white, charcoal and copper/gold flakies. I used two medium coats plus one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

 Pahlish polishes are available on Bigcartel, at Overall Beauty and at Llarowe. I bought mine at the Bigcartel shop.

And last but not least: Happy Thanksgiving to my american readers!


  1. This is indeed a very mysterious looking polish, but I like it! :)

  2. Pretty! Very different.

    1. Thank you, I was lucky with this one. With the mystery shades, you never knwo what you get (that's the whole point of it) ;-)


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