Friday, November 7, 2014

Jessie's Nails

My best friend Jessica sent me pictures of her new mani, so here's what she has to show you :-)

I wanted to try something a colleague showed me on instagramm by myglamnails.

First I applied one coat of essence nail xxl nail thickener, then I added 2 middle coats of essence prom-berry ( one thick coat would've done the job too, I think)

For the desired effect I wanted to try two different approaches

1. I added tape like shown in the picture and then added one medium coat of essence pink&proud

2. I applied two thin coats of essence pink&proud and added then with a thin brush two lines left and right and some diagonal lines over pink&proud with essence black is back

Which do you prefer?
I think with this dark colours the black is a bit 'lost' so I prefer the taped version.... but for sure the second version was much faster :-)

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