Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jessie's Nails

Today I want to show you another one of my best friend Jessica's manis.

Last time I did this mani on my brothers girlfriend and I liked it a lot, so I had to have it too...

I started with one coat of essence xxl nail thickener. For having less to clean I prepared my nails with a white glue and let it dry

Then I took a sponge, made one part with essence wanna be your sunshine and one part with essence flashy pumpkin and ' sponged' on my nails

One coat of kbs shimmer would protect this first part.

For cleanup I removed the glue - perfectly fast!!

Now on to the tricky part: I added black (black is back by essence) leavy lines on the nail.
To complete it I gave a contrast with white lines and dots.

One coat of kbs shimmer finished this Mani


  1. Brilliant! I'm going to try this technique. Seems easy enough. (which means that I will probably mess it up)

    1. Considering Jessica painted the leave pattern by hand, I know I would definiely mess it up. When it comes to free hand designs, she's way (way way) better than I am :-)


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