Monday, November 11, 2013

The Snake Goblet

Today's theme is Harry Potter. Well, at least it's the theme of the two polishes I used :-)

As base color I used three thin coats of 365 Days Of Color The Snake (Horcrux Collection), a medium green with a gourgeous golden shimmer. The green base is a tad more blue toned than my pictures show, my camera had some problems capturing the true color of this polish, it's not at all neon, even if it looks like it in my pictures (bad lighting conditions ruin my pictures :-/). The Snake containes some lumps of a dark green pigment, that stayed on the nails and left dark streaks. I don't think this is supposed to be part of this polish, at least I haven't read about it in other reviews.

On top of The Snake, I dabbed one coat of The Goblet (Horcrux Collection), a clear base with gold and holo gold hexes in various sizes plus gold dots that look a little like miniature coins.

Application of The Goblet was easy, no fishing for glitters needed. I finished with one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top topcoat, The Goblet didn't dry too gritty, so no need for a second layer of topcoat.

365 Days Of Color polishes can be bought at their own store and on Storenvy.


  1. Ich find die Lacke farblich nicht schön...aber ich will sie trotzdem haben weil wegen Harry Potter *_________________* Oh my...

    1. Die Kollektion enthält ja noch ein paar andere Lacke, vielleicht sind da ja noch welche darunter, die dir farblich besser gefallen. Ich habe mit auber auch schon Lacke gekauft, die ich unter "normalen" Umständen kein zewites Mal angeschaut hätte, aber weil sie aus einer Kollektion zu einer Buch-/Filmreihe oder Fernsehserie, die mir gefällt, stammten, musste ich sie haben ;-)

  2. I love this combination! I reminds me once more of an artful piece of cloth, very festive <3


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