Friday, September 1, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Dotting Tools - But Not Just Dots


Dotting tools, but not just dots were asked for this week's challenge. I decided to go with a needle drag mani, using a very fine dotting tool. The result shows you, how not to do it... ;-)

Needle drag is a technique I'll probably never master, what is quite interresting in my eyes, since it's the first nail art technique I ever used (it must be about 20 years ago now, I saw it in some youth magazine and used it quite often back then. Yes, I'm that old...). There are so many pictures of gorgeous needle drag manis floating aroung on the net, but I just can't do it. But as I usually don't have time to re-do my nails, I wore this failed mani for two whole days, and I dare to show it here, even if I'm not at all happy with it. The polishes I used are Contrary Polish Better Together, a dark grey with blue shimmer and tiny silver glitters, and MoYou London After The Storm, a pale purple creme. As usual, I added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.


Contrary Polish are available at Femme Fatale and  Norway Nails.


  1. You have to try all these things don't we! I really like the base polish though I haven't seen it before.

    1. Maybe I'll master it in another 20 years. The base polish is quite old (for an indie polish), I can't tell you when I bought it, but I guess it must have been at least two or three years ago...


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