Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Box, Indied - Whoopee Cushion AND Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-21 Review

Today I'm not only showing you the next polish of the april "A Box, Indied", but I'm also reviewing a stamping plate Born Pretty Store sent me (have you seen the discount code on the right?). Thank you so much Born Pretty Store for sending me some items for reviewing purposes!

The polish I used is Crows Toes Whoopee Cushion and looks much more interesting on the nail than in the bottle. While I thought this would be just another hot pink holo, it turned out to have strong coral undertones und it dries to a semi-matte satin finish! The polish is a little thick for my liking, but I had no issues with application. The pictures show three coats.

For the stamping I used Essence black stamping polish and Born Pretty Store plate BP-21 (no topcoat, to keep the satin finish). The plate shows four different patterns, until now I only used one of them. The engraving is perfectly done, clean, not too deep and not too shallow, so my soft stamper picked up the color nicely. The second stamping in a row (without cleaning the plate in between) gets a little fuzzy, as you can see on my index and pinkie, and the third time the stamper wouldn't pick up the whole pattern anymore, so I cleaned the plate after every second stamp. The plate comes with a blue plastic foil on top (don't forget to remove it before using the plate), and it has a cardboard back, so no sharp edges. Overall, I'm very happy with my choice, for 2.99 it's really a bargain.

Crows Toes polishes are available at Llarowe and Overall Beauty. Whoopee Cushion is exclusive to the april "A Box, Indied". The box is available at Llarowe as a one-time-only box or as a monthly subscription.

For more nail art items, check out Born Pretty Store (use the code below for a 10% discount)

The stamping plate was offered for reviewing purposes. Again, thank you very much, Born Pretty Store!


  1. oh was für eine zauberhafte Grundfarbe und das Stamping ist auch schön =) werde nachher auch wieder meine Nägel lackieren, mein letztes Design hat doch glatt ne ganze Woche durchgehalten O.o hui :D

    1. Eine Woche? Super Haltbarkeit! Ich trage Nalellack ja höchstens im Urlaub so lange, wenn ich keine Zeit zum umlackieren habe, ansonsten wird mir spätestens nach drei Tagen langweilig ;-)


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