Thursday, August 14, 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - White Base

Golden Oldie Thursday! This week's theme is white base.

The base color is Hungry Asian Cookies & Cream, a white jelly with tiny black glitters. The jelly base is very sheer, the picture shows three coats nowhere near opacity. Cookies & Cream was quite stringy and applied a little patchy, but since my bottle is almost two years old, maybe it's the age that damaged the formula...

aEngland Camelot and Pueen plate 21 were used to stamp this circle pattern. One coat of aEngland The Shield protected the stamping.

Hungry Asian polishes are sold on Etsy.

Have a look at what the other white Golden Oldies look like:


  1. Oh very cute, very original! :-)

  2. Always a winning combo! And I adore Camelot <3

    1. Yeah, Camelot is just THE perfect black creme. But I have to admit, I've already bought a bottle of P2 Eternal, another one-coater black creme, for when my bottle of Camelot will be empty, because the P2 only costs about 1/4 of Camelot...


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