Saturday, October 5, 2013

Eternal Lake Of Tears

As I don't really have a steady hand and no talent whatsoever in drawing/painting, I prefer nail art techniques were you need neither... ;-)

For this simple tape mani I started with two coats of a England Princess Tears, a pale pink/purple holo. Two coats weren't quite enough for opacity at the tips, but there were no bald spots visible near my cuticles.

Then I taped off the lowest part of my nails with simple scotch tape and added one coat of Color Club Eternal Beauty, a medium pink toned purple holo.

As a last step, I taped off two thirds of my nails and added one coat of a England Lady Of The Lake, a dark plum toned purple holo.

I used one coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer after each color to speed up drying time and removed the tape immediately after adding the new color.

Direct sunlight

a England polishes are available at various places, you'll find a complete list of retailers here.


  1. This is executed SO well, impressive!

  2. What a beautiful combination!!! And immaculate striping which I find a real challenge with those söow drying A Englands......

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! Hmm... I never noticed that a Englands are particulary slow drying... Maybe becaus I always use topcoat and add it when the polish is still wet? Tape manis should be easier with slow drying polishes, as I always remove the tape right away, the wetter the polish the crisper the line :-)


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