Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Iris My Case

Iris My Case is the name of today's polish, and it's by KBShimmer.

"Iris, Lilacs, Violets are some of of the most beloved flowers  come spring, this pastel violet colored polish was inspired by all three.   The soft purple base is filled with glitters in pink, purple, white, periwinkle  and blue. If you are not a fan of large glitters, this polish is for you." (Source: KBShimmer) I used three coats and added one coat of Pahlish Magic Mirror Top Coat.

KBShimmer polishes are sold on their website (US only) and at Harlow & Co.


  1. Pretty! It's always nice to see color amidst all those dark deep autumnal shades.

    1. I love the dark fall colors, brown, burgundy, plum etc. But as you probably know or at least guessed, I get bored pretty quickly, so I love to change my mani often, not only the specific polish, but also the color scheme, not matter what the season is ;-)


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