Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rhapysody Breaking Out

Today I have a new stamped mani to show you.

As base color I used The Polish Well Breaking Out, a deep blue polish with multicolored flakie shimmer. The pictures show three thin coats.

Then I added a chain-like pattern using Essie Blue Rhapsody, a light blue metallic, that looks almost silver over the deep blue of Breaking Out, and Bundle Monster plate BM-207. As always, I added one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top.

At the moment, apparently there's no shop where The Polish Well polishes are available. If you follow The Polish Well Blog, Mich, the creator, announced pre-sales of her polishes, that's how I got mine. 


  1. Lovely!!! This Blue looks so much like a dark midnight sky with stars twinkling - stunning!!! Interesting that you can use the KBShimmer Top Coat over stamping - on me it always smears the stamping, even if I wait a couple of minutes :-o - e schöns Wucheend <3

    1. I managed to smear some stampings with the KBShimmer, but usually it works out pretty ok. Right now I have two topcoats in use, the KBshimmer that's a little thicker, I used it four glitters, and aEngland The Shield, I only use it for "flat" polishes, due to the watery formula. So at the moment, The Shield is my go to stamping topcoat.

  2. I agree with Polished Marvels, that blue reminds me of a midnight sky, gorgeous!

    1. I'm quite glad I bought this one :-)
      I'm absolutely fond of these "midnight sky" polishes, and apparently, so are you :-)


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